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Ascension is Key

My name is Ashley Ali and here is my story. I hope it resonates with all of you.
In 2020 my life paused. My Mother passed away and I had to start life all over again. Covid-19 destroyed my health physically as well. I had a future to rebuild and a whole life ahead of me. Grief and sickness was the catalyst to change my life completely. My home, career choices, and values changed for the better. I found purpose and joy again when it seemed that hope was lost.

Vedic spirituality, western astrology, Hinduism, and my School Counseling background helped me heal and begin life with my eyes and heart wide open.

I started reading Yogic Oracle cards using the deck and journal Sahara Rose created. I am embarking on a new journey while building my holistic spiritual practice via training at the Dharma Coaching Institute. I welcome all of you to follow me on this wonderful journey. I dedicate my practice to my late Mother, my loved ones and my ancestors who paved the way for me. 

Readings are available now. Email to book today. You may also use the booking section of my website.

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