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Tarot Reading


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Please use this link for research purposes. 


  • The tarot structure is predictable. If you learn the Rider-Waite, then you will most likely be able to read any other tarot deck.

  • Tarot always has 78 cards (except Osho Zen – he added himself)

  • Major Arcana = 22 cards relating to major events and life pivoting events

  • Minor Arcana = 56 cards Page, Knight, Queen, and King (Ace through 10 are known as the Pip Cards, the Page, Knight, Queen and King as the Court Cards)

  • The Tarot is divided into suits; Wands, Swords, Cups (Chalice) and Pentacles (Coins)

  • The modern deck of playing cards is a descendant of the Tarot; Hearts are cups Pentacles are diamonds, Wands are clubs and Swords are spades. The Joker and the Fool are nowhere and everywhere and the Court Cards that remain are the King, Queen, and Jack.

Oracle Cards

  • Oracle decks are structured independently and each follows it’s own set of rules

  • They may have any number of cards usually between 36 and 64.

  • Rarely have suits, although they are often numbered for guidebook reference.

  • Some have a bit of a tarot theme while others do not.

  • Some have the meaning of the card printed on them.

  • Novices refer to guidebooks for information and in many cases; it is acceptable for professional readers as well.


Oracle Card Reading sessions vary from client to client or couple. Clients can discuss what their wants, needs, and concerns are in the present moment. Cards are drawn and interpreted. Plans will be made for a clients healing, growth, etc.


Readings take place via Zoom or any video chat app that a client is most comfortable with. Email me after booking a session for accommodations. All bookings are final. Please be punctual for your session.

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